New York City has adopted the National Fire Protection Association Standard # 25 as a matter of law effective January 1, 2012. New York City is one of the few large cities worldwide that had yet to adopt this standard and the FDNY and insurance company underwriters have now fully embraced this new standard and is positioned to aggressively assure compliance for all applicable facilities. The new law now makes every building owner legally responsible for ensuring that all NFPA 25 inspections, testing and servicing intervals are performed by a licensed individual, and that detailed records of same are maintained for a minimum of 3 years and are readily available for inspection by the New York City Fire Department at any given moment.

This inspection standard is a significantly more detailed and comprehensive inspection requirement than we have all been used to over the past -50- years. NFPA 25 has specific monthly, quarterly and annual inspection, testing and servicing requirements. The reporting shall include information relative to the conditions of water supply, gravity and pressure tanks, valves, risers, piping, sprinkler heads, fire department connections, alarms, fire/booster/special service pumps, internal obstructions, and conditions of all other system equipment and appurtenances.

We know from the experience of other cities throughout the country where NFPA 25 has been adopted as a matter of law, that in the aftermath of a fire, the building owners have been subjected to both civil liability and in some cases criminal charges for knowingly failing to comply with the NFPA 25 standards. We also know from other parts of the country that the NFPA 25 records are audited regularly, and substantial fines have been imposed for non-compliance whether intentional or not.

The W-12 FDNY Certificate of Fitness has been replaced by an S-12 Certificate of Fitness. Allstate Sprinkler's inspection and service personnel have all been certified by the FDNY at such level. We have also customized computer software to help assure that your facility is in compliance and that the inevitable fines and potential liability for not adhering to NFPA 25 can be avoided.

Please contact us immediately so that the appropriate paperwork and contracts can be established and the FDNY's new requirements can be satisfied.


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