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fire department sprinkler testing


If you are in need of fire department sprinkler testing in New York City look no further then Allstate Sprinkler Corp. We understand that fire sprinkler testing is extremely important and we are here to get the job done properly. We have over 100 employees on staff that are trained and knowledgeable in the field.

Fire Department Sprinkler Testing in New York City

Residential and Commercial Fire Department Sprinkler Testing 

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp. we know that fire department sprinkler testing can be a time sensitive matter. If you or your business have been served a fire department sprinkler violation in New York City, you’ll need a specialist in fire sprinkler testing to bring all of your equipment up to code right away to avoid any additional fines. We are experts in fire sprinkler testing and fire sprinkler inspections throughout New York City.

We make it our duty to provide the best fire sprinkler testing throughout all of New York City and Staten Island. Our goal is to eliminate any safety concerns or fire code violations for you or your business. We use a series of tests to determine that any newly installed or previously existing fire sprinkler equipment operates to all safety standards. In addition, we also check the water supply as well.

Five Year Hydrostatic Sprinkler Testing

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., we perform 5-year hydrostatic pressure tests throughout Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island on a daily basis in connection with Fire Department personnel. Five year hydrostatic pressure tests can be life-saving procedures. These tests simulate actual fire department events that take place during a fire. We perform these tests as accurately as we can in order to assure that your sprinkler system will always be ready and functioning in the event of a fire.

Why You Need Fire Sprinkler Testing in New York City

As of 2012, the National Fire Protection Association put a new law into effect in New York. This law requires all business owners to have their fire safety equipment inspected, tested, and serviced at set time intervals by a licensed individual or company. These requirements are significantly more rigid than businesses may have been used to before the law passing, but failure to keep up with these inspections can result in substantial fines and losses for you or your company.


At Allstate Sprinkler Corp. we are experts in fire department sprinkler testing in New York City. If you have any questions regarding a fire sprinkler systems installations, 5-year sprinkler test, commercial sprinkler systems, residential fire sprinkler systems, hydrostatic pressure testing, or fire sprinkler testing in New York City, Brooklyn, NY, Manhattan, Long Island, NY, Brooklyn, NY, Queens, NY, or Nassau County please contact Allstate Sprinkler Corp. today! Call now (718) 597-4060.




The bitter cold that is locked into the Tri-State has led to all kinds of issues, from mass transit problems to buildings with no heat.

But another major problem that is popping up, and will likely continue to get worse as the cold continues, is frozen pipes, which means plumbers are some of the busiest people during this deep freeze.

Eyewitness News caught up with plumbers Kevin Guyon and Luis Sanchez at Martina Restaurant on East 11th Street. On Tuesday morning, a worker found water cascading through the ceiling in the basement, all coming from the restaurant bathroom.

"Never thought it would have been the sprinkler system," executive chef Nick Anderer said. "But sure enough after we explored everything up in there, the sprinkler head had come down and it was just gushing right out from an open sprinkler head."

There is a big and noticeable difference between the broken sprinkler head in the restaurant basement and a brand new one, and that is the new sprinkler head's inclusion of a heat sensor. Guyon, who works for the Allstate Sprinkler Corporation, says a build up of ice is what caused the sprinkler to malfunction and send water gushing out.

"It expands the sprinkler head and it diffuses," Guyon said. "And then once the temperature rises again, the water starts to come out."

"It's like a tape. Wrap it around. It's like a wire," Sanchez said. "You wrap it around the pipe so it can keep it warm."

"Make sure you have heat, plenty of heat," Guyon added.

All in all, a sprinkler head with a heating coil is a simple solution to help prevent a major nightmare during the cold months ahead.
Fire Department Sprinkler Testing

In need of fire department sprinkler testing in Manhattan, NYC, Long Island NY, Queens NY, or the surrounding Nassau County area? Allstate Sprinkler Corp. is recognized as the most reliable, responsive and respected fire sprinkler contractors in Manhattan.

As a full-service organization, we are committed to assist you with all of your commercial and residential fire protection needs in Manhattan.

Inspection services

We provide complete design-build abilities for the installation, alterations and repairs of both fire sprinkler and fire standpipe systems in Manhattan.

  • NFPA 25 inspection and testing services
  • Local Law 26 evaluation and compliance
  • Prompt correction of all FDNY violations
  • 5-year hydrostatic pressure tests of sprinkler and standpipe connections
  • Emergency service and repairs
  • Fire pump installations, testing and repairs
  • Fire extinguisher sales and recharging
  • All fire safety related products and equipment.

Fire suppression systems

Fire suppression systems in Manhattan such as sprinklers are the “first responders” to a fire before the real first responders (your fire department personnel) can reach you. A fire sprinkler system is designed to buy time to allow complete evacuation of the site, keep the fire localized to where it began and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the structure, and preserve unaffected structures and inventory from damage or destruction by fire. In Manhattan, where many structures are grouped close together, fire sprinkler systems can prevent a fire situation from burning out of control and involving other buildings and people.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

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Allstate Sprinkler Corp. are experts in fire department sprinkler testing in Manhattan. If you have any questions pertaining to a 5-year sprinkler test, commercial sprinkler systems, hydrostatic pressure test, residential fire sprinkler systems, a fire sprinkler test, a fire sprinkler systems installation company, or fire department sprinkler testing in Manhattan, NYC, Nassau County, Brooklyn NY, Long Island NY, or Queens NY, contact Allstate Sprinkler Corp. at (718) 597-4060.

A commercial fire sprinkler system in an office, commercial building, and now even in some homes (especially apartment buildings) is a life-saving addition that is often now required by building codes on Long Island. At Allstate Sprinkler Corp., we specialize in commercial fire sprinkler systems throughout New York State, including Long Island.

What are special hazard sprinkler systems?

A sprinkler system typically is designed to broadcast water over a large area to dowse a fire. It is effective and prevents a fire from further damaging the building or its contents. But what is a “special hazard” sprinkler system?

Special hazard fire sprinkler systems protect installations or inventory that is of exceptionally high monetary (or other type) value. Museums, libraries, archives, art galleries, and record-keeping facilities use special hazard fire sprinklers to prevent fire but protect from damage the building’s inventory. Data centers, telecommunications rooms, healthcare facilities, machine rooms, etc. all have special hazards that a fire sprinkler contractor and installer has to consider when designing a new system or updating an old one.

Special Hazard Fire Protection systems are:

The Fire Suppression Systems Association (FSSA) is an organization of manufacturers, suppliers, and designer-installers, dedicated to providing this higher level of fire protection. The FSSA identifies these benefits of a special hazard fire protection system:

  • Quickly detect an emerging fire or heat condition
  • Suppress fires when sprinklers are not appropriate as the first and only means of fire protection
  • Protect people
  • Mitigate business interruption
  • Limit the loss of assets, information and revenue
  • Require uniquely trained and qualified personnel to design, install, service, repair and maintain these systems

Special Hazard Fire Protection systems provide detection and control coupled with a fire suppression system. Some common fire suppression agents used in these systems include:

  • Clean Agents
  • Inert Gases
  • CO2
  • Water Mist
  • Foam
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Dry Chemical

Who knows what’s needed?

Allstate Sprinkler Systems are fire sprinkler contractors providing residential fire sprinkler installations, commercial fire sprinkler installations, fire sprinkler inspections, fire sprinkler repairs and services for buildings in New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Midtown, Wall Street, Westchester County, Rockland County, Putnam County, and Long Island. Along with commercial fire sprinkler systems, Allstate Sprinkler Corp. also carries a large selection of fire safety equipment, including smoke detectors, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. Contact us today at (718) 597-4060.

Allstate Sprinkler Corp. are experts in commercial fire sprinkler systems. If you have any questions pertaining to a 5 year sprinkler test, residential fire sprinkler systems, fire department sprinkler test, fire sprinkler system repairs, sprinkler system violations, or commercial sprinkler system inspections, or commercial fire sprinkler systems in Long Island, NYC, Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau County, Brooklyn, or Queens, contact Allstate Sprinkler Corp at: (718) 597-4060.

Five Types of Sprinkler System Malfunctions

The fire sprinkler systems in our Queens buildings stand quiet sentry until called into action to dowse a fire and perhaps save lives. Fire sprinklers in Queens are effective and low-maintenance systems that rarely if ever malfunction. But when a fire sprinkler system malfunction does occur, the water it distributes can cause as much damage to a facility as a fire can. It’s important, and in many cases it is the law, to perform a regularly scheduled routine of inspection and repair when required. The experts at Allstate Sprinkler Corp. can assist as experts in sprinkler systems in Queens.


Overhead water sprinklers are activated by the heat that the sprinkler head senses in the room. When a room’s temperature reaches a specific measure, the sprinkler will open and spray water. Sprinkler heads are rated for temperature, whether the temperature is from a very hot ambient air temperature or an active fire situation. Know what kind of temperatures your facility is exposed to, and factor those conditions into the choice of sprinkler head temperature activation for that area.


Sprinkler systems in Queens are susceptible to the effects of cold temperatures as well as hot. Fire systems that use water can be severely damaged if the water within the pipes freezes. Anti-freeze chemicals can be added to the water in the system to prevent freezing, and some fire sprinkler systems remain dry or empty (thus obviating any freezing) until a fire is detected.


Constant exposure to water within the system’s metal pipes and fixtures can lead to areas of rust or corrosion in the system that may present a condition for a catastrophic failure of the system. Annual inspections of the system are effective at identifying and moving to repair any faulty system components.


Faults in the sprinkler system may be the result of disuse or improper installation (overtightening connections, etc.). An experienced fire sprinkler installation company in Queens with solid references will stand by their work if these types of failures are discovered.

Human Error

Most sprinkler systems in Queens fail because of some sort of human interference with the system like tampering with the exposed fire sprinkler heads. Hanging material from the systems pipes, heads, or valves is a direct detriment to the system and may affect its performance when it is called upon. Bumps, strikes, or illegal adjustments to the system can compromise the sprinkler’s firefighting capabilities or cause the system to fail entirely.

All State Sprinkler Corp. are experts in installing, maintaining, and repairing sprinkler systems throughout Queens. We perform:

  • Fire sprinkler installation
  • Fire sprinkler inspection
  • Fire sprinkler repair
  • System tests
  • Emergency calls
  • FDNY violations

Allstate Sprinkler Corp. are experts in sprinkler systems. If you have any questions pertaining to a 5-year sprinkler test, commercial fire sprinkler systems, residential fire sprinkler systems, fire department sprinkler test, fire sprinkler system repairs, sprinkler system violations, or sprinkler systems in Queens, NYC, Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau County, Brooklyn, Long Island, contact Allstate Sprinkler Corp at: (718) 597-4060.

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