At Allstate Sprinkler Corporation, our fire sprinkler inspections help to evaluate and test your sprinkler system, assuring you that your facility is being maintained and able to function properly as it is designed to do in order to keep you safe.

Allstate Sprinklers Corporation works hard to provide services for buildings throughout the tri-state region, including inspections and tests that are able to provide you with the comfort and knowledge toward your working sprinkler system, ensuring that it has not been subject to any vandalism, deterioration, or any in-house maintenance problems.

How do accidents with your commercial sprinkler system happen?
Allstate Sprinklers will take the right preventative measures in order to avoid any problems that might cause issues toward your sprinkler system. If an accident were to occur with your sprinkler system near Brooklyn, it would most likely have been caused by:
• Extremely cold weather conditions
• Lack of heat
• In-house vandalism
• Other unfortunate accidents

It’s very important for you and your staff to know that your building is being properly protected by a sprinkler system that works, and how it works. Allstate Sprinkler Corporation is able to provide you with the proper demonstrations you and your staff need in order to learn about all of your sprinkler systems working components, as well as providing you with any information that you’ll need to know for safety purposes.

How do you know when something is wrong with your commercial sprinkler system?
Plumbing Malfunctions:
• Frozen fire sprinklers / standpipe lines
• Ruptured fire sprinkler lines
• Leaky fire hydrants
• Rusted valves / Rusted sprinkler heads
Mechanical Failures:
• Valves
• Sprinkler heads
• Standpipes
• Fire hydrants
• Water tanks
• Fire hoses
• Fire pumps

In order to stay compliant with FDNY fire code and building code in NYC, you should make sure to repair any mechanical failures immediately. This may include repairing valves, sprinkler heads, standpipes, fire hydrants, water tanks, fire hoses, and fire pumps. Don’t worry our repair division can help detect and repair the problem!

Working hard to stick up with the processes and handling of your sprinkler systems, Allstate Sprinkler Corporation will always be able to maintain your commercial sprinkler systems in order to stay fire ready and prepared to function as it is designed to do. If you wish to set up a new sprinkler system with Allstate, contact us here at 718-597-0090 today!

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