A hydrostatic pressure test is an examination that affirms the good working condition of a fire protection system (sprinklers). The New York City Fire Code section 903.5 states that fire department sprinkler connections must be tested and witnessed by a fire department representative at least once every 5 years. The test can only be performed by a fire suppression contractor who has a Class A or B license issued by the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB).

What is a hydrostatic pressure test?

Five-year hydrostatic pressure tests are lifesaving procedures. These tests simulate fire department activities that take place during an actual fire. A hydrostatic pressure test basically is a confirmation that the tested sprinkler system will perform as designed and will function adequately for at least two hours under the highest water pressure that the system is likely to experience.

When freezing conditions prevail, the hydrostatic test may be postponed, provided a dry pressure test (using air or nitrogen) is performed in the interim. The dry test must be witnessed by a DOB inspector or special inspector, as does the hydrostatic test. If the hydrostatic test is deferred due to freezing temperatures, the hydrostatic test must be performed when freezing temperatures no longer exist.

FDNY Violations & Testing

Have you been served with a violation from the New York City Fire Department? Allstate Sprinkler Corp. will assist you with all the necessary paperwork, scheduling, testing and repairs in order to satisfy the conditions of these violations. Our management staff offers an unprecedented level of experience handling these violations. We have a continuous and close working relationship with the fire suppression unit of the New York City Fire Department. Allstate Sprinkler Corp. performs five-year hydrostatic pressure tests on a daily basis with fire department personnel. Our testing crews work on sprinkler and standpipe systems supplied by gravity tanks, pressure tanks or street-level city water supplies.

Call Allstate Sprinkler Corp. if your property is due for a NYC Fire Department hydrostatic pressure test. The best insurance you can buy to ensure a clean bill of health after a five-year inspection to have your sprinkler system inspected before the test. Allstate Sprinkler Corp.can inspect your system, repair any obvious issues, and make recommendations to improve or upgrade your system if it needs it.

A pre-test is a simulation of the fire department test without the fire department being present.  This allows any necessary repairs to be made to your system to make sure it passes the test when the fire department is present. Allstate Sprinkler Corp. will go to your location to perform the pre-test and will report back with recommendations. Pending your approval, Allstate will make the necessary repairs to the system and re-test until the test is successful, significantly limiting your risk for test failure – saving you time, money and frustration from repeat tests and additional paperwork.

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