Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the issue of fire protection, inspection, testing, and maintenance. For business owners and facility managers in NY, knowing and adhering to the guidelines and standards set by local, regional and national authorities is crucial for optimal protection and proper legal compliance. You need to find a proper inspection service for fire protection compliance. The call to make is to Allstate Sprinkler Corp. We will take care of any fire sprinkler systems violation in NY you and your business may have attained.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Violation in NY

Penalties and fines in NY can become a reality where safety is concerned. Countless examples of other businesses, like the ones mentioned above, have been struck with fines, legal ramifications and endless consequences resulting from needed repair and correction of fire code violations.

At Allstate Sprinkler Corp, our inspection program aims to minimize violations in NY. We will always alert you of deficiencies needing correction. Still, some violations are unavoidable. The 5-year hydrostatic test, for example, can only be scheduled upon receiving the violation. If you receive a violation, do no panic! Violations should be sent to our office as soon as possible in order to make corrections before the cure date.

Common FDNY Violations

  • VC1- Fire Extinguishers
  • VC5- Inspection Record Keeping
  • VC6- Signs
  • VC7- Color Coding
  • VC12- General Maintenance
  • VC17- Certificate of Fitness
  • VC20- 5-Year Testing
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