You don’t have much time to react when a fire starts, especially in a residential building in New York City. It doubles in area every three seconds. While different materials have different combustion times, the determining factor is the fire’s temperature which correlates to how long it has been burning. Due to the variety of materials found in residential structures and the toxic gases that each type of material produces when burning, breathing the smoke can result in loss of life before the fire is visible. Fire damage to lungs and other organs can result in a fatal injury in 3-5 minutes. That’s why it’s important to install residential fire sprinkler systems in New York City with the professionals at Allstate Sprinkler Corp.

Fire department response times

Even if you have an alarm system that dials the fire department automatically, there is a lag between the time the fire begins to ignite and the time the alarm goes out. If someone on the scene has to call 911, even if it is you, by the time the fire is discovered, it will already be well into its timeline.

Generally, fire department personnel have a “wheels rolling” call response time of one to two minutes. That is the length of time it takes to receive the call, get into their gear, jump into their stations on the trucks, start the engine on the fire trucks, and pull out of the fire house. Once they leave, they are at the mercy of traffic, road configurations, road conditions and distance. Even when the station is close to your home, it can take a substantial amount of time for them to arrive on scene. As you can tell from our timeline, if the fire is burning unchecked, there can be extensive property damage or even loss of life before the engines reach you.

The key to minimizing property damage and injury or loss of life is to slow down or extinguish the flames as soon as possible in your home in New York City.

Don’t put your life at risk. Allstate Sprinklers Corp offers FREE estimates for residential fire sprinkler systems in New York City. Contact us at (718) 597-4060.

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